Testimonials and reviews

I just want to send a special thanks out to Mary @ customer Service at salonequipment.net for working with me to resolve me small problems you did a great job and it was a pleasure working with you .
Nicole Bailey
November 25, 2016 by Nicole Bailey in Winona, MN

Very affordable and fast service

Thank you for always extending such great service. We love all the equipment we purchased and most important and our clients do as well. Always someone comments on how nice the barber and styling chairs are. Thanks for helping us make our shop look very nice. salonequipment.net rocks!!!
Jamie Garcia
October 18, 2016 by Jamie Garcia in Denver, CO

The man about town

Qxpro- salonequipment.net You have made me the man about town, the barber chairs look great and no other Barber shop can compare with mine, I have people stopping just to check out my shop. Thanks!
Joe Johnson
July 21, 2008 by Joe Johnson in Clarkston, MI


I purchased everything I needed from Salonequipment.net. We are a full service salon who cater to everyone. The facial unit is phenomenal and all of our weight lost machines. When we did have minor problems with the steamer, Salon equipment inc was here in a couple of days and replaced it right away, no questions ask and they snet us an extra free gift as well.
Body and Soul Spa
April 16, 2016 by Body and Soul Spa in Chicago, IL

Review on Mary2@customer service

Judy was very professionals and knew her products very well.She also helped me purchase the right products for my salon.Her phone manners were outstanding”. Thanks again Mary.
Oscar Flynn


Hi. Jte.. I just wanna tell your company that my clients love your body equipment. The b12 and b13 really works.. My clients shed 15 to 20 pounds a month . Imagine. Loosing pounds and inches while sleeping… I already purchased 3 sets of your machines and now I’m selling it to all of my clients… More power to your company… Magic touch
Elenita Johnson
Elenita Esprer, January10, 2015 Vallejo, CA

Experience with Qxpro

I have recently opened a new salon and have purchased a (4) Station Salon package from Salon Equipment and I must say I feel that I really got a great deal for my money. My package included (4) Station w/mirrors, (4) Styling chairs, (1) Shampoo unit, Rec Desk, (2) Trolleys, hair steamer and all these free eccessories, for under $3,500.00. I must say that I had to put the stations and rec desk together my self and that was a job. But, over all heck of a deal for the money. Looking forward to opening my next shop with salonequipment.net.
Rosa Garcia
December 21, 2014 by Rosa Garcia in Chicago, IL

Very happy

I purchased a lot of stuff from salonequipment.net, and I am very happy with equipment. They offer very good prices and good quality equipment. I am opening second shop and I will buy equipment for them again. I recommend salonequipment.net for your all salon needs.
Todd Davidson
Novmember 2nd, 2014 by Todd Davidson in Chicago, IL