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When Elegance and unction meet, the Styling Station Los Angeles RM-11

Styling Station Los Angeles RM-11

When elegance and function meet, the Styling Station Los Angeles RM-11

The salon owner got to treat himself sometimes. The best treat a salon owner can get is either the new salon equipment, or the new salon furniture. While the things you can buy are unlimited, you should pick more than aesthetic. There are times when you should buy what your salon really earns for. You want something that is functional, but screams elegance. That is great, because there is the styling station Los Angeles RM-11, where elegance and function meet.

Styling Station Los Angeles RM-11 can give you both the elegance and the function you need

It isn’t enough for a piece to be stylish to be called elegant. Elegance is the higher quality many salons never reach. Even if you can afford a great aesthetic for the salon through the salon equipment and the salon furniture, you need to think function.

The styling station Los Angeles RM-11 has a 5 attached shelves measure 11″(28 cm) x 11″(28 cm) each, the 11″(28 cm) x 11″(28 cm) free-standing cube with white plexiglass top is coolly illuminated from beneath. It also has 3 shelves in lower unit self-closing hydraulic hinges and designer handles upper unit also has slant front with a covered cutout for brushes or optional retractable 5-outlet power strip.

The Los Angeles RM-11 offers this while sporting the espresso Brown color for a contemporary look. It is hard to find another piece of the salon equipment or the salon furniture that could express both function and elegance like this styling station can.

The salon becomes great when function becomes elegance

While you have the vision of what your salon should be, your first priority should be the service. The customers will greatly appreciate the aesthetic of the salon, but will be more interested in the service. With the best selection of salon equipment, you want to deliver the best service. With the best salon furniture, you want to give them the best comfort. Yet, you have to careful in the selection. Even though, a good selection in the styling stations department could work for you.

The Styling Station is a must in any serious salon. Since you could do so much work with it, store the necessary salon equipment in it, it becomes a must-have. Also, it goes so well with other salon furniture. When you add to the service, you are adding to the functionality of the salon. The salon which gives great service and has an awesome workflow will attract and keep customers for a long time to come. That’s where the function becomes elegance. You want to seek out that perk for your salon. Elegance is hard to achieve, but once achieved it will become part of your brand.

When you finally decide to treat your salon with a new addition, consider the styling station Los Angeles RM-11.

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