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How Open a New Salon 6 Steps Guide

You’ve decided to open new salon, Congratulations! You just made the first and most important step, it is a decision that shows commitment, responsibility and puts you in control of your business life. The next  important decision you will make is how to equip your salon or shop with high-quality equipment.

This guide will provide you with the ability to facilitate the work with an enjoyable and special ambient process. This is why we give you the six step process that you should consider choosing your furniture when open new salon.

How open new salon

When you open new salon pay attention to

Before selecting the furniture for your open new salon you must pay attention to the space and size you will need for your shop. In many instances people want to start with a small salon space and after obtaining your space you then will proceed the build out construction phase, but in many cases after a few months of remodeling your new shop, you realize that you might need a bigger space. All of that hard work and investment you just went through completing your shop might go to waste. Therefor the size and location of your future salon is the essence for a successful start.

Functional design

After choosing the right space that will satisfy your needs you will then need to do a great design to utilize the full space. You have to choose the right furniture to make your space very efficient. This means enough room for your work stations, enough room for your washing stations and waiting area as well.

After choosing your space and doing the right functional design you have to buy the right salon equipment and furniture for your open new salon. Since you are starting from the beginning you will need all kinds of salon equipment to include styling stations, barber chairs, salon chairs, shampoo units, dryer chairs and sofas, waiting area furniture, shelving area etc. In these situations is best to buy in bulk and look for salon equipment packages.

Why? It will give you an opportunity to save up to 30% more money and give you a major savings which will definitely come in handy before your business takes off. There are many companies on the market that have salon furniture packages that are already designed to make your shop look outstanding, you just have to properly search for that.

Choose quality equipment when open new salon

Quality equipment certainly plays one of the most important and essential parts in the hunt for salon equipment and furniture. It is very important that customers feel comfortable when you open new salon. When the equipment is of high quality leather and high-quality wood materials it will translate in the equipment lasting you for many years. Otherwise vinyl, poor leather and cheap wood will quickly deteriorate and it will make your salon look terrible and old and this will turn customers away.

You can be the best stylist or barber, but with bad quality equipment you will not be able to provide the best possible experience for your customers. When purchasing salon furniture think of this famous proverb that states: “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things” so, make sure to take notes of specification of the materials and where the furniture is made. Pay attention to the steel, leather, vinyl, plastic, etc. Don’t just buy the cheapest equipment on the market and expect miracles, but rather look for that best combination between quality and price.

Choose quality sellers for salon equipment

Now, we have to find a quality seller of equipment and furniture for your salon. Good quality sellers will quickly be recognized when buying online, here are a few tips that you have to follow. The website is the first contact with prospective sellers of salon equipment and furniture. If the website looks pleasant, informative with beautiful product photos & videos this means that seller took the time to represent himself and their company. Therefor these companies care about their reputation in the market and overall wants to create a good buying experience for their customers.

Choosing the right style for salon

These sellers will surely help customers choose the highest quality equipment with your budget. Also, when you are buying equipment and furniture you have to make sure that the color of your furniture will match the colors of your shop. Don’t forget that the overall experience is what your selling. This means your service, pleasant ambient are both very important for customers to return to your open new salon. Choosing the right stylist, music, reception person are also super important, so make sure you pay attention to details.

How to buy quality salon equipment and how to pay for it?

Many people use credit cards and some people use cash as well. If you decide to finance equipment or lease it you might pay high interest rates, but keep in mind that you can deduct that from you taxes at the end of the year, which you can’t do when you buy with cash or credit card. Also another interesting option is PayPal which gives you protection on your purchase.

They may also offer Bill me later options were you don’t make any payments within a six month period after purchase when buying more than $99 worth of product. So take your time and choose wisely because becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting, but still a serious step for yourself. Finally, if you want to buy high quality salon equipment and salon furniture for open new salon and barber shop make sure you go with a good reputable brand, don’t buy generic stuff that overwhelms 90% of the market today. Wholesale salon equipment with factory direct pricing is a very good solution if you want to open new salon. It will be a big help for you to differentiate your salon or barber shop from the rest of the competition.

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