Salon equipment packages are something that every future salon or barber shop owner should consider. Buying salon packages you will be owner will be able to get salon equipment that is needed and also save a lot of money. and QXPRO USA create very affordable and optimal packages that will make one salon very original and beautiful. Those packages usually contain, styling stations, salon, styling or barber chairs, shampoo units, trolleys, reception desks, dryer chairs and everything else. That is all needed for one salon to be fully functional. The difference between and other competitors is that they offer great saving (up to 30%) and also many free things that come with a package.  Free stuff includes: hair dryer, capes, aprons, razors, sterilizers and much more.




This free stuff is also very quality equipment and that is appreciation to the customers for buying salon packages. At the end you customer will get a great deal, full salon equipment package for discounted price and a lot free stuff. This kind of deal defiantly has to be taken into serious consideration. The most important part of stating successful salon, get the best quality salon equipment deal. Its always bonus to get high quality free stuff as well. QXPRO America offers packages for two, four, six and eight station. All packages can be mixed and matched. Customer can also create their own package from scratch and also get great saving and free stuff as well. QXPRO America and and is a quality brand.




Always stay away from generic equipment without brad name. That equipment usally is low in quality and it will make salon look average and same like many other in the same block.  New owner always have to look for quality and originality. That will separate him from rest of the competition also get him long lasting equipment. Also they can assist customer to create their own package. They can figure out what exactly they need based on the budged and size of their shop. will make sure that every penny counts and their customers enjoy full success. Customers also can pay via credit cards, financing and PayPal. If you want to talk QXPRO America and their dedicated sales team please call 1-888-501-1315. Dream salon might be a phone call away.