When it comes to warranty in salon equipment and furniture companies offer different solutions for their customers. It really varies form place to place but warranty is usually one year. The reason for that is, many of the companies offer low quality salon equipment. This means it wouldn’t make business sense to start with. Also they don’t produce their products so they don’t have any control over warranty.  This is very important for customers to put the emphasis on warranty when they buy equipment for new salon. It’s important to ask the question is company producer or just reseller. Customer needs to ask about their production faculty and ask for video or photos. This will help to find the company with quality equipment which will offer good warranty. QXPRO offers something special to their customer when it comes to warranty.





QXPRO America offers salon equipment with 3 years warranty which unprecedented in this industry. This includes warranty on hydraulic chairs, styling stations, shampoo units, barber chairs etc. When it comes to styling and barber chairs virtually the only issue is hydraulic itself. If hydraulic is maintained properly and oil regularly this problem can be avoided. Shampoo units usually would need hoses or faucets in rare cases. Styling stations didn’t have many warranty issues at all which was great for the customers.  QXPRO sells high quality equipment which includes parts as well. This makes company comfortable to offer three years full warranty on their equipment.  Warranty is not big issue usually for QXPRO America but it’s a good way to customers their pieces of mind.




  and QXPRO is an American company that operates for more than 20 years. It offers high end salon and barber equipment that has been sold in USA and all over the world. Customer list includes salon owners from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Cameroon and many other places. Every piece of product has its own trademark and unique and original design. Unique equipment will create unique salon and environment. That is great formula for salon success, to be original. If you need to find more information about QXPRO America warranty please their website You can also call them at (888) 501-1315. Website has many informative information, text and videos and it will help customers view the products.