Barber chairs need to be high in quality and decent in size. Base has to be strong and hydraulic powerful, design has to be stylish and functional. What comes in mind is MS-03 barber chair produces by QXPRO America and Sturdy chair durable seating and affordable price, also strongly recommended is MS-02, similar in style and functionary but still with distinguished originality. When it comes to barber chairs and barber equipment you can always find what you are looking for with QXPRO. All of the chairs have their own trademark, originality and well known three years limited warranty. All chairs also have very thick cushion and very durable leather. Those barber chairs are designed in USA and made to stratify all industry requirements. Take a look at rest of barber chairs designed by QXPRO.





                QXPRO America offers variety of barber packages. Barber packages include barber chairs, stations, shampoo units and shelving barber furniture. Every package includes free stuff that comes complimentary with the equipment. All of the packages offer saving form ten to thirty percent, which is always welcome by customers. Customer also can mix and match or create customize package and discount will still apply.  Here we are presetting six stations barber package. Stylish package with a lot of functional and modern equipment. Barber package page by QXPRO America. 





      Barber shops are important parts of American history. How many stores and famous events occurred at barber shops? QXPRO is aware of importance of barber equipment to help tell those untold stores. QXPRO barber equipment is designed in USA and it’s a top quality with three years warranty. No company in barber chars and equipment offers that powerful warranty. This also shoes testament for the equipment produced by QXPRO America. For more information visit their website Their online store is very detailed with a lot of importations, photos and videos to help customers see products. Also you can give them a call at 1-888-501-1315. You dream barber shop is one phone call away.  If you have any question you can leave comment on this blog.